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This website is dedicated to my fantasy novels, Torrein (epic fantasy), Mist on Water (historical fantasy) and The Marked Son (modern fantasy).  So please, cruise around, read the excerpts, and if you like what you see, I'd love to hear from you.  Get in touch with me at

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What is it about fantasy novels that makes me want to write about that world?  I can easily tell you.  It's the fight between good and evil, where good kicks butt and doesn't apologize for it. 

 Evil vs.Good

Fantasy is where odd and interesting creatures roam.  Where heroes and heroines come to realize they are more than what their families have let on.
   They're special.  Really, really special.

I don't know about you, but my life is pretty straight-up normal.  No one does magic, or shapeshifts into animals or sleeps in the day only to go blood sucking at night.  I'm not guided by a craggy old wizard who's intent on teaching me odd languages.  I have no idea how to ride a horse while swinging a battle axe without falling off.  No one's thought I needed to know an ogre's weak points so I can disarm one in battle.  Nor has anyone taught me how to dodge dragon's breath while arguing with an annoying faery ... but man, oh man, I want to learn.  


(I'm pretty sure I could smoosh this little guy ... but he's so cute ... and I'm sure his breath is more of a spit than a spark.)

I write fantasy so I can live an exciting life through my characters.  I love it when they surprise me and show me different ways of looking at the world. 

Mostly, I love adventure.  I love danger.  I love a good fight with heroes who I'd have fun fighting alongside.  If you can relate, we're going to get along great.  If you're scratching your head and thinking this all sounds weird, go ahead.  Read one of my books and find out for yourself if you've got what it takes to live the adventure.  I dare you.

Someone said there's a dragon in this picture.  Humm ...

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