Shea Berkley 

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Interveiws & Blog Posts 
Yep, the above picture is actually me as a precocious toddler. Is it just me, or does
the carpet appear to be of the quicksand nature and is gobbling up my legs?)

This page is all about interviews (blog interviews and radio interviews) and blog posts I've done for my books. Listen, sometimes interviews can be boring. I, being me, try really hard not to bore people to death. I am, as I've always said, an entertainer, and that applies to my interviews as well. So, if you're interested in reading how crazy foolish I can be, then kick back and pick an interview, or go through them all (I dare you).

After you've read as much as you can handle without boing blurry-eyed, go ahead and drop me a line, through
email or my Facebook page. I just might write you back.



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